Praise for tyre safety programme

In the USA, a senior Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) field inspector has gone on record to praise the Michelin Earthmover Safety Training Program. The Michelin programme was recently expanded to provide more comprehensive tyre training for all of its earthmover market segments.

James Bowman, a 32-year MSHA veteran, responsible for inspecting mines and quarries to ensure their safe day-to-day operation, recently said, “I am very impressed with the Michelin tyre safety programme and have used it several times since I received the material. The programme is comprehensive, to the point and full of information that assures safe procedures and intelligent risk analysis determinations.”

Bowman noted that mining is moving in a direction that will require more tyre products than ever before. He highlighted that tyres used in mining today have potential safety consequences if not used properly and well-maintained. “The Michelin safety programme provides the total package of assembly, evaluation, maintenance and application,” he said. “It is obvious that the Michelin safety programme is the most innovative and comprehensive programme on the market today for tyre safety. Many thanks and appreciation go to Michelin for its efforts to see that miners go home to their families safely every day.”

The programme is designed to educate managers, maintenance personnel, equipment operators and support staff on best safety practices not only in mine operations, but also in quarries, construction sites and port and terminal operations. The programme can be taught by Michelin Earthmover personnel, authorized Michelin tyre dealers or the customer’s safety manager.