Satcomms for African exploration

International satellite solutions provider e-go Solutions has embarked on a significant expansion into the African satellite communications market over the next few months.   With an initial focus on the mining and construction industries e-go Solutions is introducing its high speed broadband satellite solutions, BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and Broad-IP at seminars in Johannesburg in July.

BGAN is a mobile solution which is ideal for exploration.  Using highly portable hardware users can deploy within minutes, connecting to voice and data services at broadband speeds of up to 492 kb/s over a satellite connection, allowing data such as geological survey results to be sent directly to project headquarters.

Broad-IP is a fixed location solution which provides an alternative to VSAT communications currently available in Africa.  Once a project site has been established Broad-IP facilitates broadband data speeds up to 2Mb along with up to four dedicated voice lines.

In Africa, e-go Solutions mining customers using Broad-IP will benefit from individual Service Level Agreements and low contention ratios (10:1 or less); lightning protection (for hardware), customs management (to ensure swift deployment of equipment or spares), minimal rain fade (to prevent connection loss in bad weather), and CIR (Committed Information Rate) to prioritise VOIP communications and other business critical applications.

e-go Solutions provides a one stop shop for both BGAN and Broad-IP, enabling customers to place their satellite data and voice requirements in the hands of one company.  e-go Solutions specialises in services including procurement, integration and design, as well as installation and customer service.

The mining seminars will be on July 18 and will address the communication issues faced by the mining sector in Africa today. It will include presentations and demonstrations of the latest in fixed and mobile broadband satellite solutions and will address the problems of establishing reliable communications in remote regions where terrestrial infrastructure is inadequate or where security is paramount.

"e-go Solutions offers full turnkey communications packages that provide remote mining projects with seamless integration to their head offices." said Sally-Anne Ray, Sales Director at e-go Solutions. "South Africa offers so much opportunity in these industries that we expect to increase our market share exponentially in coming months."