Managing mining risk

Snowden is presenting its two-day seminar Mining Risk… and how to mitigate it! in Sydney, Australia, November 23-24. Day-one concentrates on the technical aspects of risk during the mining process and day-two covers business management of risk in the mining industry, along with some of the sophisticated tools and strategies used to manage risk. This includes:

  • The importance of managing resource and reserve risk
  • What factors to consider when deciding whether an operation should be opencut or underground
  • How the best mining method is selected
  • About the assumptions and risks geotechnical engineers take into account when designing mining operations
  • How geostatistics is used to estimate what lies beneath the ground and how much confidence can be placed in that estimation
  • How environmental risk impacts on management plans
  • The inherent risks in processing, metallurgy and infrastructure
  • How the mining industry manages risk – tools, strategies and case studies
  • Project risk assessment and enterprise-wide risk management
  • Organisational strategies used to mitigate risk
  • Asset and mobile equipment management
  • How to manage your data and technology risks
  • The way to be a high reliability organisation
  • Integrating Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance into the resource and reserve management process
  • Potential benefits beyond SOX compliance

For more details, please call Diana Titren on +61 8 9211 8670 or email [email protected]