Cleveland Cliffs adding 4 P&H 2800XPC shovels to Northshore fleet

Cleveland Cliffs has placed an order with P&H MinePro Services for 4 2800XPC shovels for Northshore mine in Minnesota. USA.  The P&H 2800XPCs will be the first new shovels on the mine since the 1970s. Northshore, formerly known as The Peter Mitchell mine, was the first taconite mine in the world. It is located on the eastern end of Northern Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range (IM, March 2006, pp8-13), where winter temperatures can reach as low as -53°C.

The new shovels will feature the P&H Centurion™ control system, the P&H Loading Control Center, the P&H Payload Plus™ load weighing system, the P&H AirScrubPro™ filtration system, and P&H SnubRite® dipper trip control.  P&H MinePro Services will manage the assembly and commissioning of the new machines.

Equipment currently supported by P&H MinePro Services at Northshore includes a P&H 2800XP shovel, two P&H 120A blasthole drills, two Gardner-Denver 120 blasthole drills, a LeTourneau L1850 loader, and a fleet of Terex Unit Rig MT4400 haul trucks.

In addition to sales support for new P&H shovels, drills and draglines, P&H MinePro Services provides a full range of parts for P&H machines and other brands of mining equipment, as well as upgrades, modernizations, and field support from its Iron Range warehouse