CIL to boost US energy independence

A broad coalition of industry, labour, energy technology developers and consumer groups have pledged to strengthen US energy independence through greater use of domestic coal to produce ultra-clean transportation fuels. The Coal-to-Liquids Coalition (CTLC) called on Americans to develop the country’s most abundant source of energy, coal, to reduce its growing reliance on foreign energy.

“It is imperative that this country act boldly and act now to strengthen our ability to serve the country’s energy needs,” said Kraig R. Naasz, President and CEO of the National Mining Association and a coalition member. A dozen members of Congress joined representatives of mining, railroad, energy and labour organizations at a Capitol Hill press conference to endorse the ability of CTL fuels to provide clean, reliable and affordable fuels for motor vehicles and commercial aviation and to meet the fuel needs of America’s armed forces.

Coalition members said federal incentives are needed that recognize the volatility of global energy prices and encourage more robust investment in a domestic CTL industry. The US, with the world’s largest coal reserves distributed widely throughout the country, is ideally suited to become a major producer of liquefied coal. The domestic production of CTL fuels will generate tens of thousands of high-wage jobs, off-set a significant portion of imported energy and provide the Pentagon with a secure, domestic source of battlefield fuel.

CTL fuels are produced using a proven gasification process that yields environmental benefits too. CTL fuels are cleaner than gasoline and, when produced with state-of-the-art processes, are cleaner than conventional diesel fuel on a well-to-wheels basis.