Siemens modernizes winder system for coal mine in Slovenia

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Group has received an order from Slovenian mining company, Premogovnik Velenje, to modernize the winder system of a coal mine. The scope of supply includes a new winder controller, a converter, control desks and a data recording system. The Siemens equipment is notable for its high level of safety and long useful life. Conclusion of the project is scheduled for August 2007.

The heart of the modernization programme is a new winder controller (WTC – winder technological controller). All the closed-loop control, open-loop control and safety functions are integrated in the WTC. With the help of standardized Simatic S7 components, it monitors and controls the speeds of the winder and the position of the cages. At the same time, the controller shortens and optimizes the travel times. Thanks to two-channel technology, the winder controller monitors itself and thus helps to ensure a high standard of safety. In addition, it has been certified in accordance with the strict German technical requirements for vertical and inclined haulage (TAS) and with the German mining regulations for coal mines (BVOS).

A data recording system will be used to visualize the installation. The entire installation or parts of it can thus be monitored on screens. Siemens will deliver a new six-pulse converter of the type Simovert DC Master for the supply of power to the motors for the twin-rope winder system,. This is characterized by its very high performance, high reliability and low investment costs. The winder system is controlled via two control desks.

Siemens’ scope of supply also includes monitoring of the installation work and commissioning of the new equipment. Removal of the old installation and commissioning of the new equipment is scheduled to take place within a period of only three weeks.