More GEMS from Gemcom

Gemcom Software International, which claims to be “the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions,” has released Gemcom GEMS 6.1 (GEMS), the latest version of its geology, mine planning, production scheduling and data management software. Tom Gibson, Gemcom GEMS product manager: “To ensure critical mining data is managed effectively, GEMS is at the forefront in database technology that optimizes workflows and secures mining data. In GEMS 6.1, we continue to leverage these strengths to advance mining productivity with the addition of new innovations such as ‘click-to-generate’ tunnel designs.”

GEMS 6.1 has more than 25 new features and enhancements such as the tunnel object that automatically turns lines into complete underground tunnel designs with the capability for safety bays and filleted intersections. Other new capabilities focus on usability, including easy to use tools to visualize and edit search ellipses when interpolating block models, and workspace setup and management.

“De Beers’ Snap Lake mine is due to open in the last quarter of 2007. GEMS has been an integral part of the development of the underground resource since evaluation began in 1999,” stated Josh Harvey, senior supervisor, MRM and specialized geology, De Beers Canada Snap Lake. “We have benefited from many upgrades and improvements to GEMS over the last eight years and are excited about the new features and enhancements in GEMS 6.1.”

“With our breadth and depth of mining technology, including GEMS, and our mining, business and IT expertise, we can configure solutions matched to the specific needs of each client,” said Rick Moignard, Gemcom’s President and CEO.