US EPA helps China maximize energy potential and increase coal mine safety

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Stephen L. Johnson announced last week that the US and China had agreed to develop up to 15 large-scale coal mine methane capture and utilization projects in China over the next five years. The captured methane would be sold as a commodity capable of providing clean energy, while increasing mine safety due to reduced methane present in mines. The agreement was reached as part of the week’s US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) talks.

“Pollution knows no geographic or political borders. But by working together at the SED, we are moving America and China toward a cleaner, healthier, more productive future,” said Johnson. In addition, before the next session of the SED, the U.S. and China will complete a joint economic study to evaluate different policy approaches for saving energy and controlling emissions from the Chinese and US power sectors. Through the SED process, EPA said the US hopes to share with China experience in formulating and implementing policies and initiatives that protect the environment while promoting economic growth.