Malawi Government and Paladin fight anti people NGOs

It was announced on May 28 that Paladin (Africa) Ltd (PAL) and the Government of Malawi had been named in two actions commenced by a group of NGOs that are yet another of the growing group of such organizations that are both anti mining and anti people, as discussed in IM’s June issue lead editorial. PAL says that Malawi’s Ministry of Mines and Energy has released a statement indicating its support for the Kayelekera uranium project and strongly refuting claims made by the NGOs.

The press statement released June 5 by The Ministry states that the Government has complied with the Environmental Management Act in relation to the uranium mining project at Kayelekera which is to be undertaken by PAL. It further states that:

“—–.according to with the Act, the responsibility for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment lies with the developer whereas responsibility to call for public hearings and comments on the EIA report lies with the Director of Environmental Affairs. In this respect the Director of Environmental Affairs undertook to distribute the EIA reports for review and comments by the ublic at Kayelekera, Karonga District Assembly, University of Mzuzu, Mzuzu City Assembly, the then Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Resources Headquarters, now the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Department of Environmental Affairs, Bunda College, Chancellor College and Polytechnic”.

· “Experts, including those from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) commented on the Environmental Impact Assessment report and their valuable proposals have been taken into account”.

· “That the Government has complied with the Act and it has undertaken to monitor the Kayelekera project on an ongoing basis” also stating “that it is in the Public’s interest that the uranium mining project at Kayelekera should be carried out by PAL as the Ministry believes that the Government of Malawi has not transgressed any of its laws”.