Endeavour’s integrated natural resource merchant bank

Endeavour Mining Capital Corp has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Endeavour Financial Corp, a privately-held investment banking firm that provides financial and strategic advisory services to the global natural resources sector. The acquisition of Endeavour Financial will fully integrate the merchant banking capital investment business with Endeavour Financial’s advisory services business. The two businesses have operated very successfully in parallel.

Endeavour Financial focuses on three primary disciplines – debt finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. Since 2002, Endeavour Financial has advised on over $3.5 billion of debt and equity finance and over $14 billion of mergers and acquisitions. It has also been providing investment advisory services to Endeavour Mining (and its predecessor private entity) since January 1999. Founded on the belief that there was an opportunity within the natural resource finance sector, with its broad set of international relationships, for Endeavour Financial to provide a differentiated investment platform from which to make merchant banking investments, Endeavour Mining adopted its current merchant banking investment business plan at the start of 2002. Highlighting the successful implementation of this business plan, from the start of 2002 to May 31, 2007, the Corporation has achieved an annualized return on equity of 58%.

Founded in 1988, Endeavour Financial has built strong capabilities in debt finance, equity advising and corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuations and strategic business development. Endeavour Financial has established a reputation of achieving success for its clients and has been associated with the creation, development, and growth of numerous success stories, including Bema Gold, Bolivar Gold, Northern Orion, Oriel Resources, Peak Gold, Silver Wheaton, UrAsia Energy, Wheaton River Minerals, Bayou Bend Petroleum and of course Endeavour Mining, to name a few. Most of Endeavour Financial’s clients have also represented highly successful investment opportunities for Endeavour Mining. Since the adoption of the merchant banking business plan, Endeavour Mining’s reliance on Endeavour Financial’s advisory services has steadily increased.

Commenting, Frank Holmes, Chairman, stated “The acquisition of Endeavour Financial is a natural evolution of our successful operating strategy and, on many financial metrics, this is an attractive deal for Endeavour Mining’s shareholders. We see expanding the business model beyond providing capital investment services into providing integrated merchant and investment banking services as a significant, transformative transaction. The two businesses, Endeavour Mining and Endeavour Financial, have successfully operated in parallel, but the two corporate entities have encountered market confusion between the services offered by each. As an intellectual capital business, the integration and alignment of interests of the employees/shareholders of Endeavour Financial are intended to create long-term shareholder value by converting the current advisory relationship with Endeavour Financial into direct equity participation that will be reflected in the value and performance of the company as a whole.”

Endeavour Financial has a team of over 35 people with offices in George Town, Vancouver and London, led by Neil Woodyer as CEO. Frank Giustra remains as an active contributor through an Exclusive Financial Advisory contract with Endeavour Financial with a minimum three year term. Commenting, Frank Holmes, Chairman, stated “We are pleased that Frank Giustra will be able to pursue his philanthropic interests and, with his unique venture capital skills, remain committed to creating wealth for Endeavour shareholders.”

Endeavour Mining Capital is a publicly traded merchant banking company focused on the global natural resources sector. It offers a unique combination of financial and intellectual capital to help build companies and create shareholder value. www.endeavourminingcapital.com.