Gemcom Minex 5.2 now available

Gemcom Software International has released Gemcom Minex 5.2, its software that supports the geology and mine planning needs of mining companies with stratified deposits. Developed in partnership with the mining industry, the software is employed by the world’s largest mining companies at their operations. Underground and open-pit operations use Minex to support surveying, mine planning and scheduling. The system integrates key functions like borehole data management, geological modelling, mine planning and design, allowing its users to make fast, effective decisions by easily sharing data.

“Gemcom Minex 5.2 is the most powerful and technologically up-to-date solution of its kind,” stated Jon Barber, Gemcom’s Vice President of Minex. “We are seeing a great deal of momentum in the marketplace toward Minex, as mining companies and system users are seeking to replace older and less sophisticated competitor products that have not kept pace with advancements in technology. Minex is being employed by these clients to improve mining operational performance, user productivity and profits.”

The Griffin Coal Mining Co, an Australian coal producer who recently sought to replace another product is a company that has adopted Gemcom Minex. “The change was driven by a need for an integrated system that was effective, quick and user friendly,” said Richard Campbell, Operations and Planning Manager at Griffin Coal. “We wanted a best practice mine planning and geological modelling system that allowed Griffin Coal’s technical services department to function in a co-ordinated way.”

“As with all Australian mines, getting and keeping good skilled staff is difficult, so Gemcom’s consulting arm has helped us get work done and assisted in the development of industry best practice. Certainly Minex’s ease of use has been instrumental in allowing us to bring new staff up to speed quickly and achieve more in less time,” continued Campbell. “Having strong face to face relationships with those you partner with is vital. Every mine has different requirements and Gemcom’s services staff has an excellent understanding of the problems facing coalmine operations.”

“Going beyond the ordinary is a guiding principle at Gemcom. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways of delivering more value to our clients,” said Rick Moignard, President and CEO of Gemcom. “Stratified deposits like coal are unique, requiring specialised software to quantify and plan their extraction. Minex is one of only a handful of systems that can do this. Minex clients have access to the complete range of Gemcom’s software and professional services solutions, which can be tailored to their individual needs. ”

New and updated capabilities added to Gemcom Minex 5.2 include:
  • A full open-pit mine design suite which generates bench, strip and block designs.
  • A coal washability module that stores and manipulates coal wash data based on size fractions, density fractions and yield.
  • An open-pit reserves module that enables engineers to generate volumes, tonnes and quality of the coal and waste layers in their designed mining blocks
  • Minex borehole database supports connections to ODBC databases such as Access or SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Extensive enhancements to texture surface draping on triangle surfaces.