Cleaning up the Con

Miramar Mining has successfully re-started the autoclave at the Con mine as part of its ongoing reclamation activity at the mine in Yellowknife, Canada. The autoclave will process all of the remaining arsenic bearing sludges and calcines left on site from historic roaster operations prior to Miramar’s ownership of the mine. This process will generate an environmentally safe and stable arsenic mineral called scorodite. This final stabilization of all of the remaining arsenic sludges and calcines is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2007 paving the way for the final cleaning and demolition of the surface processing facilities at the Con mine (the blend plant, the mill and the autoclave) in late 2007 or early 2008.

After a four year period and the contributions of a working group comprised of technical experts representing the federal and territorial governments, the City of Yellowknife, the Stanton Regional Health Board, local Aboriginal groups and other stakeholders, the Closure and Reclamation Plan for Con Mine was approved by the McKenzie Valley Land and Water Board. “Although clean up activities have been underway for some time, we are pleased to be in a position to officially start reclamation of the Con mine following the recent approval of the Con Mine Closure and Reclamation Plan by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board.” said Tony Walsh, Miramar’s President and CEO. “Although mining at the Con has come to an end, we look forward to continuing our partnership with the City of Yellowknife, the Northwest Territory and it’s constituents for many years to come. We endeavour to maintain a high level of environmental stewardship in all of our activities and operations.”

Miramar also announced the launch of a website dedicated to communicating the status and progress of reclamation at the Con Mine to all residents of Yellowknife and to the public at large. This site can be accessed at the following internet address: . Provision has been incorporated at this site for Yellowknife residents to request information from Miramar on the status of its reclamation activity at the Con site.

Miramar also congratulated the N.W.T. Mining Heritage Society on their publication of a new history book entitled “Con Mine – A Pictorial History“. It is more than just a history book, Miramar says, in that the book was designed primarily as a photo history combined with stories of the many people who lived and worked at the Con. The book will be distributed to former and current Con employees (many of which contributed to the book with their stories and photographs). The book will also be sold as a fundraising vehicle through the NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines, the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre or directly through the Heritage Society for C$20.00 a copy. Miramar commissioned and funded the book as a dedication to the Con mine and to the City of Yellowknife.

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