Call for Clean Technologies papers

The VIII International Conference on Clean Technologies for the World Mining Industry is to be held April 13 to 16, 2008 in Santiago, Chile, during EXPOMIN 2008 ( For more information, please contact: [email protected]

 Abstracts up to 500-word should be sent before August 31, 2007 to one of the following:

Armando Valenzuela

[email protected]

América Latina Prospecta

Tel: 56 – 2 – 2325418

Fax: 56 – 2 – 2340649

Mario Sánchez

[email protected]

Universidad de Concepción

Tel: 56 – 41 – 2204202

Fax: 56 – 41 – 2523591

Please send the abstracts using MS Word format, including title (less than 150 characters), author’s full name, position, company or institution, business address, city, country, telephones, e-mail and indicating topic as shown in the list. If the abstract is accepted, a full paper in English (up to 12 pages) must be send before December 17, 2007. The official conference languages are Spanish and English. Written papers and Power Point presentations must be done in English, while oral presentations could be presented in Spanish and English.


  • Effluent treatment
  • Environmental and economic factors in process design
  • Cleaner mineral processing
  • Pyrometallurgical processes environmentally cleaner
  • Clean technology associated to hydrometallurgical processes
  • Environmental improvements in electrometallurgy
  • Waste disposal and rehabilitation of tailing dams
  • New cleaner separation technologies
  • Acid mine drainage control

10. Biotechnologies and biochemical processes

11. New trends in waste water treatment

12. Treatment of cyanide containing effluents

13. Arsenic and sulphate ions removal

14. Removal of pollutants by flotation

  • Solid waste disposal
  • Treatment of high arsenic copper concentrates
  • Smelter gas handling systems
  • Environmental Improvements in smelting and slag treatment
  • Advances in cleaner processes
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Pollutant removal in waste water
  • Arsenic abatement in aqueous streams
  • Biological wastewater treatment technology
  • Recycling and metals recovery from mine wastes
  • Technologies for water and energy efficient usage
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Environmental regulations for the mining industry
  • Miscellaneous


Abstract submission October 01, 2007
Notifiation to authors December 17, 2007
Full paper submission January 28, 2008
Comments to authors February 28, 2008
Final papers submission April 13 – 16, 2008