New product news from AIMEX

Exhibitors at AIMEX 2007, both large and small, are planning some major product releases at the exhibition. The event – Asia Pacific’s international mining exhibition, is being held at Sydney’s Olympic Park (Australia) from September 4 to 7, 2007. IM is attending the event and also reporting on Australian suppliers in its August issue

The exhibition orgnaisers have provided a quick snapshot of just a few of the new products that will be on view – from both domestic and international exhibitors.

· Ampcontrol will unveil a new Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch and Protocol Converter that has been developed as part of the CSIRO NEXSYS system

· Australian Laboratory Services will display a new cost-effective oil analysis test package designed for industrial plants where a standard oil analysis may not be telling the full story

· New ‘like steel’ cutable rockbolts that combine the high torque installation strength of steel with the flexibility and safety of traditional cutable bolts will be displayed by Applied Research of Australia

· Australian Urethane Systems will exhibit the latest Polyeuro polyurea and polyurethane coatings for the mining industry, including Polyeuro, Eagle Shield, and Stainguard

· The new Tru-Kleen oil sampler, designed to take a live oil sample safely and cleanly, will be displayed by Bard Engineering

· The latest BROKK radio controlled demolition robot will be shown by Kiwi Operation Downunder – the new robot is better able to work in hot conditions, and has improved hydraulics and greater strength, compared to previous models

· CBM International will release its third-generation online conveyor belt monitoring systems, which incorporate the world’s first online high-resolution steel cord scanning, wear profile analysis and visual inspection systems

· Danfoss Australia will display its new VLT family of AC drives, which range in capacity from 0.18 kw to 1.2 MW

· New FMC 2000 Series conveyor idler rolls, which exceed CEMA load ratings, will be unveiled by FMC technology

· GijimaAst will release two new software products, mineMarkup and EPS Viz

· Hedweld Engineering will launch its new ATACH project for safely handling all driveline components, from tyre to hub and strut

· Jaws Buckets & Attachments will display information about its new large dump body manufacturing facility, which is designed for the largest mining trucks currently made

· Mine Site Technologies will show a number of new technologies, including its ImPact underground digital communication network, ICCL cap lamp with radio and 802.11b RFID tag, and Proximity Detection System

· Modular Mining Systems will release its latest advances in mining technology, including new modules for the ProVision NextGen GPS-guided fleet management software, and DISPATCH NextGen mine management software

· MTU Detroit Diesel Australia will display the new 90-litre 2800 kW 20V4000 twin-turbocharged diesel engine – the new power leader of the V4000 range

· Mining haulage system manufacturer Powertrans will release its own-design prime mover tractor unit for its unique mine haulage systems

· RUD Chains will display new tyre-protection chain, lifting and bulk materials handling products

· SEW-Eurodrive will launch the X series (IGX) range of heavy industrial gears

· Victron Energy BV will introduce to Australia its power solutions for stand-alone, standby and back-up power systems