Brunner & Lay for 125 years

This year, Brunner & Lay, is celebrating 125 years of continuous operations under the ownership and control of the founding family. The original products manufactured by this enterprise were those used in the sculpturing of stone, production of monuments, building stones, and ‘objects d’art’.

From a very inauspicious beginning in small blacksmith shop originally started in 1882 by Edward Brunner and Severin Lay, Brunner & Lay, and its affiliated companies have become recognized as a quality leader. Today, using the latest state of the art equipment in its facilities throughout the world, Brunner & Lay’s entire output is devoted to the manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic tool accessories for the construction, mining, and demolition industries.

The worldwide operations encompass manufacturing plants and warehouses on three different continents. These include seven facilities in the USA, three in Canada, three in Great Britain, one in Germany and two in Australia, including the latest, an opening in 2004 of a warehouse in Kalgoorlie.

The corporation is currently Chaired by Fred J. Brunner, and managed by F. Michael Brunner, President, the fourth generation of the Brunner Family to oversee operations.

Brunner & Lay products are divided into three major categories: tools used for the demolition or cutting of concrete and stone, drill steels and carbide tipped bits which are used to drill blastholes in quarries, mines, and construction projects, and small chipping and electric hammer tools which are used by the general construction trade.

The Brunner & Lay organization points with great pride to the many wonderful highways, dams, airfields, mines and quarries, and national monuments it has shaped. These include, but are not limited to Mt. Rushmore, Hoover Dam, the Chunnel connecting England and France, the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado, and Olympic venues worldwide.

“These accomplishments could not have been achieved without the extended efforts of long time dedicated employees and the many fine distributors who have provided loyal support over these years. Brunner & Lay extends its very sincere thanks to these employees and distributors. Brunner & Lay is confident that its products will contribute to worldwide health, growth, and prosperity far into the future.”



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