Fuel mangement for wheel loaders

The new Caterpillar 988H wheel loader fuel management system delivers solid productivity and fuel savings of as much as 15%in truck loading, and even more in load and carry operations. By lowering engine speed during all but the digging portion of each cycle, the proprietary system minimizes impact on productivity while gaining significant fuel savings. The system is available on new 988H loaders and can be retrofitted to 988H loaders already working in the field.

For maximum flexibility the system offers three different operating modes: full power, balanced, and max fuel savings. The system allows the operator to quickly adjust to changing production demands by moving a single switch mounted in the cab.

The full power mode maintains the leading performance in its size class that the 988H has shown. The balanced mode offers fuel savings of 10 to 15% in truck loading applications and keeps production within a few percent of maximum. And max fuel savings mode lowers engine speed even more during all segments of a cycle except digging. The result is greater fuel savings but with a more substantial drop in productivity.

The 988H produces 354 kW and carries an operating load of 11,340 kg. Rock and dirt buckets are offered for the 988H range in capacity from 6.3 to 7.0 m3). www.cat.com