New accessories for Dominator mechancis trucks

Newly announced options make Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT) Dominator¬ mechanics trucks even more productive and profitable, the company claims. The CAS2545 rotary screw air compressor, welder/generator and redesigned drawer sets have expanded the options available on all of IMT’s mechanics trucks.

Air compressor: The CAS2545 compressed air system is a 45-cfm, hydraulically driven, rotary screw compressor with a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. The unit is a single-stage, pressure-lubricated compressor. The new compressor model provides high-volume air for use in air tools (i.e. jacks, saws, impact wrenches), tyre service, sandblasting, painting, and other mobile or stationary compressed-air needs.

"This unit is an ideal service solution for many markets," said Tim Worman, Product Manager of commercial vehicles at IMT.

Rotary screw air compressors provide air on demand, are lightweight and deliver dry, cool air, which extends tool life by letting them run cooler and with less moisture interfering with the lubrication. All of the air compressor components are self-contained – protected by a steel canopy to help minimize outside elements, which may affect the productivity of the unit.

IMT manufactures a variety of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors. The reciprocating lineup ranges from 35 to 110 cfm, and the rotary screw lineup ranges from 45 to 85 cfm.

Welder/generator: IMT also now offers select welder/generators manufactured by Miller Electric MFG as a purchase option with IMT mechanics trucks. IMT and Miller have entered into an agreement that allows IMT to install the Miller units at IMT or have them shipped to the customer’s location. "One of the standout features of IMT trucks is that we offer a turn-key solution instead of forcing the customer to jump from manufacturer to manufacturer trying to put a complete mechanics truck together," Worman says. "This agreement with Miller further establishes IMT as a one-stop shop for commercial service vehicles."

The welder/generators are available in either gas-powered or diesel-powered models and include Miller’s BobcatT, Legend¬ and Trailblazer¬ lines.

In addition to the new air compressor and welder/generator offerings, IMT also offers redesigned drawer sets as a purchase option with Dominator mechanics trucks. "Field service technicians can be pretty tough on their equipment, and the new IMT drawer sets are designed to withstand the tough working conditions of a jobsite," Worman said.

IMT, began in 1961 as a business providing new tread designs for recapping tyres. The company has grown to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of service vehicles, cranes, hydraulic loaders and air compressors for tyre, mining, and other markets around the world.