Stornoway Diamond finds another pipe

Stornoway has made a new discovery of a kimberlite pipe from drilling on the Aviat Project, situated on the Melville Peninsula in Nunavut, Canada. This pipe, known as AV9, represents the third pipe-like body identified within Aviat’s Tremblay Corridor where a total of twelve significantly diamondiferous kimberlites have now been discovered. AV9 lies 4 km east-southeast of the diamondiferous AV1 kimberlite pipe, which has previously returned a diamond content of 0.83 ct/t.  

Stornoway’s CEO Eira Thomas stated: “The AV9 kimberlite pipe was discovered as a result of a concerted effort to identify the source of a high priority indicator mineral and diamondiferous boulder train within Aviat’s `Eastern Sheet Complex’. Drilling to date, including two separate 87 m intersections, has not constrained the size of this prospective body which contains abundant indicator minerals and mantle nodules. The discovery of a kimberlite pipe within 4 km of the AV1 and AV4 pipes demonstrates the continuing exploration potential of the Tremblay Corridor and adds exciting kimberlite tonnage potential to the project.”

AV9 is situated along the same regional structural feature that hosts the AV1 kimberlite, and which is believed to have influenced emplacement of the other Aviat kimberlite pipes and sheets. Approximately 262 m of kimberlite core from the AV9 body have been recovered from four drill holes. Most of this material came from the first three holes on the body (331 m total drilling); the fourth hole (26 m total drilling) could not be completed because of regulatory time constraints with the drill contractor. Preliminary field logging describes AV9 as a transitional kimberlite pipe, containing both macrocrystic hypabyssal and transitional hypabyssal breccia phases. Indicator minerals and mantle nodules have been visually identified within the core. Kimberlite was intersected within a horizontal area measuring approximately 60 x 60 m, and to a vertical depth greater than 100 m, but neither the lateral nor vertical extent of AV9 are known at the present time. The third and fourth holes collared through approximately 15 m of overburden directly into hypabyssal kimberlite. Core samples will be submitted for caustic fusion to establish preliminary diamond content once logging is complete, and results will be reported when available. Due to weather and logistical considerations, drilling will not recommence until the spring.

Other non-drill related exploration activities continue elsewhere on the Aviat Property, including mini-bulk sampling of known diamondiferous kimberlites, prospecting and till sampling. Stornoway reports that an update on all activities, including drilling within the eastern sheet complex, will be provided once the summer 2007 exploration is complete.

Stornoway Diamond is one of Canada’s leading diamond exploration and development companies, involved in the discovery of over 150 kimberlites in six Canadian diamond districts. The company has a diversified diamond property portfolio, a strong financial platform and management and technical teams with experience in each segment of the diamond “pipeline” from exploration to marketing.