New low profile load and haul team from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has launched two new low profile underground vehicles, the Minetruck MT436LP and the Scooptram ST1030LP, as covered in the feature on underground loading and haulage in IM’s October issue. The two vehicles, purpose built for maximum productivity in low seam mining conditions, are the latest additions to Atlas Copco’s low profile mining fleet.

Just 1.84 m high, the Scooptram ST1030LP is 510 mm lower than the standard Scooptram ST1030 and has a tramming capacity of 10 t. It features double display screens in the cab, relaying feed from three cameras to provide optimum visibility and safety. In addition, the ST1030LP incorporates all of the design improvements found in the recently upgraded ST1030, as well as a new, compact, high efficiency hydraulic cooler. An ergonomic T-back operator’s seat and sound suppression panels provide a comfortable working environment. The Scooptram ST1030LP is well matched for loading the new low profile Minetruck MT436LP, making the two new vehicles a great combination for low seam mining.

The Minetruck MT436LP has a height of just 2.3 m and builds on the reputation of the Minetruck MT436B, with its proven reliability, demonstrated by many years of successful production work. Key features of the new truck include a forward mounted camera and a reconfigured interior that provides an optimum ergonomic environment. In response to customer feedback, a lower, wider box has been fitted to the MT436LP, which has a tramming capacity of  32.6 t.

"These two new vehicles are designed to optimize the economic, mechanized extraction of ore in low seam environments," commented David Ogilvie, Product Manager, Scooptram of Atlas Copco’s Underground Rock Excavation division. "Low profile equipment allows extraction of ore from seams that would otherwise be worked by hand, increasing safety and maximising productivity."  The new vehicles form part of a complete range of Atlas Copco low profile mining solutions. The Boltec SL roof bolting rig is optimized to perform bolting operations in 1.8 m drifts and can be operated by remote control for increased operator safety. Fully mechanized drilling is also possible with Atlas Copco’s Rocket Boomer S1 L single-boom drill rig that has a height of just 1.30 m.