Underground mining method references

A new, second edition of Atlas Copco’s technical reference book ‘Mining Methods in Underground Mining’ has been released. Used by the mining industry as well as by universities and consultants around the world, the first edition has been a real success.

Atlas Copco has for many decades provided the underground mining industry with interesting and educational articles describing various underground mining methods. "Our main ambition with these publications is to stimulate technical interchange between all people with a special interest in this fascinating business", says Hans Fernberg, M. Sc. Mining Engineering and Senior Adviser at Atlas Copco Rock Drills.

Divided in two parts, the book presents technical issues as well as case studies from underground mines around the world. The book’s first section includes a contribution by Magnus Ericsson of the Raw Materials Group with an article covering today’s general trends in underground mining. The fact that mines are getting deeper is one of many factors presented as driving forces behind the development of new mining technologies, affecting all stakeholders.

Besides articles covering the whole spectra from geology, mineral prospecting and exploration, mining infrastructure, principles of raise boring and different mining methods, the book presents a number of case studies gathered from all around the world. From the far north of Sweden, where LKAB’s Kiruna and Malmberget mines supply about 4% of the iron ore requirements of the world’s steel industry, and with great ambitions of increasing outputs – to the richest silver mine in the world, Industias Peñoles’ Proaño mine in Mexico, with 450 years of operating history.

The book is available at any local Atlas Copco customer centre, or can be ordered on www.miningandconstruction.com.