Gas protection for China

Honeywell Analytic’s Impulse X4 portable gas detector has been awarded the China MA (Mei Anquan) J2006138 mining approval, meaning it can now be sold and used in Chinese mining applications. The Impulse X4 is a tough and robust portable unit ideally suited to use in enclosed spaces such as coal mines, and protects against flammable, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide gas hazards.

Impulse X4 is particularly well-suited for use in mines as it combines functionality, affordability and ease-of-use with all the enhanced safety needed by a personal gas detection unit. The device uses SureCellT sensors which are ideally suited to performance in high-temperature, high-humidity environments and has a system of audible, visual and vibration alarms.

The Impulse X4 has the capability to log data using a simple-to-fit memory card. Events, gas data and the calibration history are all stored and reports and graphs can be printed. When clipped to the belt or harness, users may want the re-assurance of being able to view the display from different positions. But with many other units the display is upside down forcing the user to remove the unit to look at the display, perhaps creating a hazard. The Impulse X4 users can ‘flip’ the display at the press of a button.