MEYCO hits 50 years of support technology excellence

In 1957, MEYCO Equipment (formally Intradym and Meynadier), a company belonging to BASF Construction Chemicals group, invented the MEYCO GM 57, the first mass-produced, dry-spraying machine using rotor principle, allowing continuous spraying. It heralded a revolution for this method of construction, especially in tunnelling and was the first of many technological advancements coming out of the MEYCO factory in Winterthur, Switzerland. MEYCO has continued this pioneering tradition to the present day, building its reputation on a foundation of continually developing state of the art equipment of quality.

In the early 1990s MEYCO developed the then unique Suprema, which became, with its PLC, computer control, push-over system and Dosa TDC dosing technology, the very first specialised wet-spraying machine. As a consequence new tools could be provided such as MEYCO Data for compiling and processing performance data which then provided information and performance history for improved cost management and quality control. The MEYCO Logica which followed, has the ability to scan the proposed working area and then perform the spraying operation to preprogrammed parameters in a semi- or full-automatic mode. As the demands of the industry became progressively more technologically advanced so MEYCO has remained a step ahead.

But not just the machines were unique, the philosophy of providing a complete range of relevant chemical products together with the appropriate equipment and service was a vision provided jointly by MEYCO and UGC International (both divisions of BASF Construction Chemicals). This idea led to great success for both the manufacturer and customer and still provides the bedrock for daily business. MEYCO has consistently produced special engineering solutions for customers with specific requirements, such as on TBM back-up rigs and shaft platforms.

Latest developments include the Potenza or Roadrunner equipped with MEYCO Maxima spraying manipulator, a specialized spraying arm of a new generation. Among the important features are a spraying range advantage, ability to be extended from the parking position in almost any tunnel profile that the carrier can fit into and semi-automatic mode with spraying envelope marking. Maxima is a product that further enhances the MEYCO reputation and provides customers with the equipment to complete their tunnelling operations, faster, more efficiently, safer!


But MEYCO has not forgotten its origins and still manufactures the machines that started the half-century of innovation and 100% dedication to perfecting the art of spraying concrete.