Siemens to equip two hoist systems in Belorussian potash mine with electrical equipment

Siemens’ Ukraine and the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) has received an order from Ukrainian company Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (NKMZ), Kramatorsk, to supply the electrical equipment for two shaft winder systems in the Krasnoslobodskij potash mine in Belorussia. The final customer is RUU PV Belaruskalij, Soligorsk. The project is worth around €3 million, and the shaft winder systems will foreseeably be put into service at the end of 2008.

Belaruskalij is the largest manufacturer and supplier of potassium fertiliser in the CIS. The company operates four potash mines in central Belorussia. The two winder systems in the Krasnoslobodskij mine are each designed for a hoisting capacity of 800 t/h. More than 6 Mt of potash are scheduled to be produced here every year. Each winder system is powered by a ground-mounted winder with bi-cylindrical drums. The payload of the winder skips is 25 t and the hoisting speed is 13.5 m/s. The hoists’ DC motors – provided by Belaruskalij – operate at a speed of 32 rpm and have a power output of 3,200 kW. Simoreg DC Master converters supply power to the motors. The scope of supply also includes the power distribution equipment and the automation system, including safety systems. Siemens is also responsible for engineering, supervision of assembly work, commissioning and customer training. The systems and components used by Siemens have been designed in accordance with German mining regulations.