ICMM’s Annual Review 2007: Essential materials, produced responsibly

 The ICMM’s 2007 Annual Review describes some of the highlights of the past year.  The report records how ICMM works to address key issues that affect the mining and metals sector, providing a benchmark for good industry practice. Addressing industry challenges informed all of its work throughout 2007, highlights of which include:

  • Environment: A workshop on Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity was held in Accra, Ghana, bringing together researchers, consultants, engineers, scientists, NGOs, and policy makers to discuss global environmental issues relating to resource exploitation and consumption
  • Socio-economic Development: Pilot projects with company, government and development agency involvement were initiated in Peru, Ghana and Tanzania as part of phase 3 of the Resource Endowment initiative which aims to improve the economic development outcomes from mining investment
  • Health and Safety: The Setting and Use of Occupational Exposure Limits – Current practice, was published by ICMM, reviewing current national or regional methodologies for setting occupational exposure limits for workers
  • Materials Stewardship: Metals Environmental Risk Assessment Guidance (MERAG) and Health Risk Assessment Guidance for Metals (HERAG) were published
  • Relationships: ICMM was cited in the communiqué of the G8 conference held in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June.  

The new Chairman of ICMM, Brad Mills (also CEO of Lonmin) was appointed last year. On page 18 of the review, Brad talks about his new role and some of the challenges he identifies for ICMM and the mining and metals industry in the year ahead.

The ICMM Annual Review 2007 is available from http://info.icmm.com/ve/ZZ6870I8364B8571zV668/stype=click/OID=7083415170400/VT=0

To request printed copies of the report, please e-mail [email protected].