High-tech mineralogy research centre opens in Colorado

A partnership between mineralogy technology company Intellection and the Colorado School of Mines (Mines), the Advanced Mineralogy Research Center (AMRC) will focus on research and education in geometallurgy, petrology, petroleum geology, environmental geology, rock physics, soil analysis and other geosciences. The new AMRC facility on the Mines campus in Golden, Colorado USA was declared open by Mines President Dr M.W. Scoggins.

The AMRC’s objectives are to become:

  • A leading centre of excellence for advanced mineralogy and petrology research, with a broad-based, multi-disciplinary approach
  • A world leading education centre using cutting-edge analytical technology to teach mineralogy principals and practices
  • A unique training centre in digital mineralogy and petrology for post-graduates and professionals

The primary tool for AMRC research will be Intellection’s QEMSCAN® automated mineral analysis technology. Intellection CEO Calvin Treacy said, “QEMSCAN® is an extremely flexible technology, making it a powerful research tool across a wide range of applications. Intellection is proud to join with Colorado School of Mines in establishing this AMRC, building on our record of involvement with leading edge geoscience research worldwide. The AMRC has the resources and expertise to produce groundbreaking research, while setting new standards for mineralogical learning.”

The AMRC’s inaugural Director is Dr Karin Hoal, previously Mines Research Assistant Professor in petrology, diamond geology and geometallurgy. “The Advanced Mineralogy Research Center embodies the university’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research and education,” said Dr Hoal. “Because of its focus on quantitative mineral characterization, the center will provide expertise in minerals, energy, the environment, materials, and health. Research and applications development in each of these areas brings diverse disciplines together in the center, where technology transfer and fresh insights feed new research activities.”

The purpose-built 190 m2 AMRC facility includes sample preparation laboratories, a QEMSCAN® measurement laboratory, education and training areas and office space. Its Colorado location puts the AMRC in the heart of a major US geosciences centre, home to influential professional organisations, the US Geological Survey, US EPA, and multinational mining and petroleum companies.

Intellection is in the process of establishing a Denver, Colorado, office as the base for its expanding operations in the Americas.

The Colorado School of Mines is the largest engineering and science only university in the US, and has an international reputation for excellence in both engineering education and the applied sciences.