Engineers see future in new clean coal technology

Australian coal plant engineering company Sedgman has made a strategic investment in clean coal technology company Exergen, which has developed a novel process for removing moisture and contaminants from brown coal. Sedgman’s Managing Director Peter Hay said the technology had been successfully trialled at a pilot facility at Beaconsfield in northeast Tasmania. “This technology has some very exciting applications, particularly in electricity generation, where the process has potential to cut carbon emissions by up to 40% when combined with new-technology power generation plants.”  
Of almost equal importance is that the moisture removed from the coal will supply up to 40% of the water required for power station cooling.

“Sedgman will also be involved in developing applications for the technology in other areas such as coal to liquids (CTL), coal gasification and in other energy mineral sectors,” Hay said. Exergen Director Martin Albrecht said he was pleased to welcome Sedgman aboard as a quality partner with unparalleled experience in the design, construction and operation of coal processing plants. “We believe Sedgman’s involvement will now enable us to unlock the full value of Exergen’s technology and move ahead from concept stage to commercialisation,” he said.

The proces involves the dewatering of brown coal using Continuous Hydrothermal Dewatering Technology, including wastewater treatment and emissions control.