ICMM and Eurometaux publish REACH compliance guidance

ICMM and Eurometaux have¬†published two guides to assist companies in meeting the first of their requirements under the EU’s new Chemicals Legislation – REACH. The regulation entered into force on 1 June 2008. The first challenge that companies need to address is the pre-registration of substances (and the registration of phase-in substances). This process involves notifying the authorities of a company’s intention to manufacture in or import substances to the European Economic Area (EAA).

ICMM COO John Groom said “There are advantages for industry in acting now to ensure that REACH obligations are met in a timely and efficient manner. Companies must also understand that the implications of not being REACH compliant could well be interruptions to trade and barriers to accessing the EAA market”.

The two leaflets outline key points and measures that will help companies producing metals, metal compounds and alloys to meet pre-registration obligations and hence retain access to the European market. The deadline for completing the pre-registration process is 1 December 2008.

REACH Pre-registration Guides: 1) The requirements for pre-registration – outlining the requirements and process for completing the pre-registration process for substances.

2) The specific requirements for pre-registration (and subsequent registration) of alloys – this leaflet provides additional information on how to deal with alloys and their constituent substances.

For more information please contact: [email protected], or visit http://info.icmm.com/ve/ZZv0088673197B58E87834/stype=click/OID=208717184822221/VT=0