Geosoft introduces packaged solution for Geophysical Information Management

Geosoft has introduced a packaged solution for Geophysical Exploration Information Management. The geophysical Exploration Information Management Solution (EIMS) bundles Geosoft professional services, that leverage the company’s experience with geophysical workflows, and its DAP Server technology, which is designed to organise and distribute large geophysical and exploration datasets, into one packaged solution that can be scaled to government agencies and exploration companies of all sizes.The Geosoft solution enables organisations to catalogue their geophysical data within a DAP server environment that enables data validation, quality assurance and metadata entry for data management, and handles tasks like re-projection of data for efficient project use. Once the DAP data repository is validated and organised, the Geosoft EIMS solution provides efficient and global access to data through spatial search technologies.

“With our targeted Geophysical EIMS solution, we identified an opportunity to do what we do best at Geosoft,” says Steve Randall, Product Director with Geosoft. “We’re applying our in-depth expertise in geophysics, and technology that we’ve optimised to handle large geophysical grids and survey data, to help customers tackle one of their most challenging exploration data problems.” 

Officially launched in 2007, as a service and software business solution, there are now 48 deployments of Geosoft EIMS solutions and DAP server worldwide. Implementations have been within international Government Surveys, mandated to publish and increase access to exploration data for industry use, and with large mineral exploration companies motivated to free their exploration teams to focus on discovery rather than hunting down data resources.

“The value and benefits of improving data management systems and practices have been best articulated by our clients,” says Randall. “The bottom line is providing access to information and insight for global teams to develop exploration programs and increase discovery success.”