When time and safety matter most, Enerpac Pow’r-Riser does the heavy lifting

power-lift-tractor-mediasize.JPGSetting up heavy lift equipment to service heavy mining equipment like trucks can be  time-consuming and hazardous if not undertaken properly. Frustrating problems can arise in both workshop situations where space is at a premium, and in remote situations where normal plant services and lifting surfaces are not available. Enerpac offers a solution to such problems in the form of its easily manoeuvrable, self-contained, Pow’r-Risers® lifting jack which can be used in even the tightest locations and over rough terrain.

The heavy-duty lifting system combines a high capacity (54-181 t) cylinder and an electric or air-powered hydraulic pump unit integrated into a mobile cart.

It has the speed, power and versatility for a wide variety of on-site site applications, including servicing tyres, tracks and other maintenance functions on heavy equipment, lifting and positioning of large constructed elements and many other applications that require heavy lifting equipment in mines.

Key features include:

  • Can be rolled into position for easy placement.
  • No exposed hoses or fittings to damage.
  • Narrow width for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wide selection of capacities, strokes and jack heights for a variety of applications.
  • Electric motor fully enclosed to withstand elements.
  • 54, 90, 136 and 181 t capacities with pneumatic or electric pumps for the toughest jobs
  • SUP-R-STACKTM Extension System allows lifting at all heights without blocking.

For safe mechanical cribbing of a lifted load, accessory Locking U-Rings can be placed around an extended piston and come in four lengths for each Pow’r-Riser capacity. They are available individually or in sets. Locking U-Rings are accommodated by storage racks integral to the Pow’r-Riser.