Modular Mining expands value added services

home_pict.jpgModular Mining System, Inc (MMSI), one of the global leaders in mining systems technology, has announced an expansion of its value added services offering. After evolving the processes with several key mining industry leaders, Modular is now offering Change Management and Lean to all of its customers worldwide.Since it was first offered in 2004, Modular Change Management has guided process improvements in several mining operations. The service provides a structured approach for transitioning mining professionals, teams, and organisations to “an improved future state.” Modular certified change management consultants have exclusive IntelliMine product knowledge and can offer solutions that cater to specific customer needs. Also, Modular Change Management is now an option with all deployments of the DISPATCH and MineCare systems.

Modular Lean services comprise a collection of time-proven techniques for mining and maintenance process improvement efforts. Modular Lean consultants collaborate with mines to increase efficiency and reduce costs on a comprehensive level.  Lean services include training in Lean, Value Stream Mapping, and Process Capability Measurement.