New dust suppression products for the mines

aimex-tecpro.jpgTecpro Australia will unveil innovative new dust suppression products for the mining industry on Stand R176 during AIMEX – Asia-Pacific’s mining exhibition 2011, to be held at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, from September 6-9. On show for the first time in Australia will be the Elefante and Giraffa fog makers from Italian company Idrotech. They are ideal for suppressing dust which is being generated a long distance away and/or is spread over a large area.

The 2.4 m high Elefante uses a powerful fan to shoot billions of small water droplets into the air and projects them a distance of up to 60 m. The direction of the plume of mist can be fixed to go in a certain direction or can
be set to automatically rotate backwards and forwards through an arc of 340o. The fan diameter is 660 mm. The doplets are produced by 156 misting nozzles mounted in three spray rings on the exit from the fan, and the nozzles can be sized to suit the dust suppression/water requirements of a particular application.

The smaller Giraffa offers the same advantages and is great for suppressing dust or neutralszing odours on mine sites and other open spaces, or inside large buildings, Graeme Cooper of Tecpro said. Depending on the model, the Giraffa can reach a maximum height of 5 m and can project a plume of spray up to 25 m. It has a rotation angle of 340o with an elevation range of -20o to +45o, and uses 64 nozzles mounted in two spray rings to produce the mist. The fan diameter is 410 mm.

“Using the Idrotech Fog makers makes it simpler to comply with various environmental requirements as, by suppressing fugitive airborne dust over a large area, they minimise the dispersion of dust to neighbouring areas, thereby reducing dust pollution.”

Two Idrotech product specialists from Europe, Tommaso Gazzignato and Marco Ferrarese, will be on the Tecpro stand at AIMEX. Both are highly experienced with Idrotech’s high-pressure dust suppression products, including the Elefante and Giraffa fog makers and will be ready to discuss visitors’ dust suppression problems. Tecpro will also use AIMEX to highlight:

  • The Idrotech range of high pressure dust suppression misting nozzles and pumps which are suitable for mounting around crushers and conveyor transfer points where minimum water volume is to be used to suppress fugitive dust
  • A lightweight washdown gun – light at 440 gm but heavy duty and ergonomic – for all types of cleaning tasks. Has a ½” BSP Swivel inlet
  • A red washdown gun – red rather than conventional blue, with the colour acting as a visual warning for workers that a particular hose is carrying hot water. Has a ½” BSP Swivel inlet
  • The Ramex range of heavy duty, stainless steel, spring retracting hose reels
  • The SIME range of stockpile sprinklers, built to handle the high pressures (>150psi) commonly found in the mining industry.

Tecpro will also feature a unique new dust suppression nozzle assembly at the exhibition. The nozzle assembly, which was scheduled to be launched just before AIMEX, has been developed by Tecpro over a 21/2 year period, with the support of the CSIRO Department of Mining, the Australian Coal Association, and the University of Wollongong.