Xstrata Coal upgrades to multiple leading edge technology PRO3 simulators to strive for best practice

Caterpillar D11R Track Dozer on PRO3 training simulatorXstrata Coal has chosen to upgrade its existing fleet of simulators based in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia to three PRO3 base simulators and a range of equipment modules units from Immersive Technologies. This purchase supports Xstrata Coal’s ‘SafeCoal’ approach which drives the delivery of correct safety skills training to the operator workforce. The new PRO3 simulators enable Xstrata Coal to simulate a range of emergency scenarios with realism without any risk exposure to people or equipment. It is also a useful tool for pre-employment screening, targeted and refresher training.Immersive Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Peter Salfinger said, “This multiple simulator purchase by Xstrata Coal demonstrates the commitment to the safety of their operators through the implementation of the industry’s most advanced and accurate training equipment. Globally Xstrata is now utilising 14 Advanced Equipment Simulators together with some 27 interchangeable equipment module, Conversion Kits®, from Immersive Technologies. This makes Xstrata one of our largest customers and we look forward to continuing to support each site and further our relationship into the future.”

To mark this special purchase, Xstrata Coal representatives flew to Immersive Technologies’ headquarters in Perth Western Australia in June for commissioning and hand over.

Immersive Technologies will deliver its Training Systems Integration (TSI) and TrainerAdvantageTM programs to Xstrata Coal to ensure rapid and effective integration of the new technology thereby enabling the sites to achieve the training objectives as planned.

The PRO3 is the newest generation of advanced training simulators available to the mining industry and it delivers many technological advancements. Two of these include a seamless 180o visual display system and a unique feature called Real View that dynamically adjusts the perspective of the trainee operator to provide a true real-world view outside of the cabin whilst simultaneously increasing the operator’s level of depth perception and safety awareness.