Toronto, Ontario is the world’s largest centre for mine financing

tsx.jpgThe Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) list 58% of the world’s public mining companies and raised C$2.5 billion in mining equity in 2011. In fact, last year 90% of all global equity financings were done on TSX and TSXV, making up nearly 40% of the world’s mining equity capital. There are 86 billion mining shares traded on TSX and TSXV and nearly 50% of the 9,300 mineral exploration projects held by TSX & TSXV companies are outside of Canada. Toronto, as Canada’s financial centre, is also the base for a comprehensive range of accounting, legal and advisory services for mining.

The TSX notes the growing number of public mining companies that dual list on a TMX equity exchange and remain listed on their home exchange. Companies can access via IPO, Capital Pool Program (CPC) or RTO onto TSXV or TSX. They can also access TSX or TSXV through an M&A transaction or equity investment. It says the benefits of dual listing are:

  • Access to significant capital and trading

  • Improved home market valuations and trading liquidity

  • Ability to put more mines into production.

Key trends in dual listing:

  • Growing number of dual listed success stories

  • Increased profiles

  • Greater interaction between key mining exchanges.