Atlas Copco launches new Swellex Spartan rockbolt line at CIM

As mine and tunnel safety requirements have become more stringent, Atlas Copco sayst that its Swellex rock bolt system has become “a preferred alternative, offering an environmentally safe solution with high efficiency and immediate support.” Now the group has released the Swellex Spartan at CIM in Toronto, Canada, which it claims is “the industry’s most rigorously tested rock bolt, with capacity and elongation suited to your project’s needs.” Like all bolts in the Swellex system, the Swellex Spartan is easy to install for greater productivity, and provides friction anchoring and mechanical interlocking for greater safety. Spartan bolts also have high quality corrosion resistance for maximum longevity.

“There’s different environments in mining and tunneling. There are cases where the rock mass transfers very little energy into the bolt. And in such cases there is no need for a rock bolt that absorbs high energy, you just need a rock bolt that can reach peak load without having necessarily to give a lot of elongation in energy absorbency. The Spartan Line has been engineered for these environments,” says Daniel Misiano, Vice President Marketing – Consumables. “The Spartan line has been engineered for a specific environment to maximize cost effectiveness and profitability. It is being manufactured using the same stringent manufacturing process, the same quality control as other Swellex rock bolts that we offer today.”