KazAtomProm with IntelliSense.io offer the Green Smart Mine program

IntelliSense.io has partnered with KazAtomProm in Khazakstan, the world’s largest uranium producer, on the Green Smart Mine innovation program. This collaboration has quickly resulted in reducing energy waste and improving flow balance which impacts production yield in in-situ recovery applications without requiring capital equipment addition or replacement. KazAtomProm through the Institute for High Technologies, its R&D subsidiary based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, partnered with IntelliSense.io, a market leader in resilient communications infrastructure and data analytics software, to provide real time optimisation of critical well block equipment and overall system performance, across a vast area and under harsh operating conditions.

The Intelligent Mining solution was installed at KazAtomProm’s Taukent Mining and Chemical Enterprise, an in-situ operation extracting uranium oxide in South Kazakhstan. IntelliSense.io deployed its Brains Infrastructure at the well block sites, providing local wireless mesh networks, complemented by a long range wireless as the back haul network to enable collection of secure asset performance data over a wide geographical area.

Intelligence is delivered to KazAtomProm through Brains.app, a web based analytics software application that delivers optimisation recommendations to the operators and other types of users in the mine. By leveraging a customisable and intuitive user interface, and with full mobile accessibility, users are able to gather insight into well pumping system efficiency, identify energy waste and track mine performance over time. It also analyses historical and real time data to deliver predictions related to well cleaning and flow targets.

Prof Serik Kozhakhmetov, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for High Technologies, 100% R&D subsidiary of KazAtomProm: ”…By analysing the data in real time through modern high performance computing systems, we are now able to identify energy waste, flow deviations and predict future system performance that was not possible before…………Institute for High Technologies and IntelliSense.io are now partnering to roll out the technology solution to mining sites across Kazakhstan.”