Booyco unveils new Electronic Checklist System for mine operations

Booyco Electronics has unveiled its new Electronic Checklist System, a complementary product to its Biometric Control System. “This particular combination of products will ensure that only licensed users with a valid red ticket can operate any specific vehicle or range of vehicles and then confirming the vehicle was checked before operating in a mine environment, for example,” Anton Lourens, Managing Director of Booyco Electronics, says.

The Electronic Checklist System comprises a high resolution Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen with an IP 65 rating. It is completely programmable to the requirements of each vehicle type, mine or shaft’s Code of Practice (COP), and features multiple inputs and outputs. The unit can also be utilised on explosive boxes for stock control, diesel pumps to control who filled which vehicle with what quantity of diesel, as well as key control and lock out on critical areas or projects.

The introduction of images in conjunction with each ‘check’ item renders it operator friendly. Each ‘check’ is confirmed with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The checklist is randomised to ensure that the operator completes it in its entirety. The checklist is also divided into critical and non-critical items to ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out. The system will only allow the vehicle to start once all critical components have been checked and then by an authorised and licensed operator.

All data is recorded on each individual unit and can be downloaded by either wireless or by plugging an Ethernet cable directly into the unit. If the vehicle was switched off during a shift, the operator will only be required to provide biometric identification. Each operator who uses a specific vehicle is only required to complete the checklist once per shift in order to avoid production loss, if so required by the mine.