Eramet makes good use of Geovariances’ competencies

For several years now, Eramet Group has been supporting Isatis development by sponsoring several R&D consortiums, helping Geovariances to guide software developments to better meet the needs of the industy. Equally, Geovariances has been supporting Eramet Group resource evaluation activities in different aspects helping them to improve their methodology and estimation quality.

Monique Le Guen, Geology Department Manager – Resources & Reserves at Eramet testifies: “The overall decrease of grades in ore deposits results in the development of new recovery techniques and optimisation of mineral processing. These methods often require heavy investment in facilities and the search for financial partners to put into production. Geologists have to provide information on tonnages and grades of orebodies, adapting the methods for estimating those of production. It is therefore to estimate the quantity and quality of recoverable ore that feed during the time the plant and/or market. The risk of quality and regularity of supply ore is also essential for its impact on the financial plan.

“Isatis development responds to the industrial demand for adapted estimation procedures”

These needs require local recoverable ore estimation techniques based on non-linear, simulations and multivariate geostatistical methods that geologists in charge of estimates must take ownership through training, seminars and sharing of experiences. It is in this context that Geovariances is acting in improving constantly the current software Isatis, developing new modules as G2DC and S2RM, in response to the industrial demand, and adapting the estimation procedure based on specific problems encountered. The means are research developments in consortium framework, applied studies in the context of industrial requests, organization of specific trainings on site.

Several recent examples of studies developed or performed by Geovariances on Eramet’ subsdidiaries include:

  • Estimation of recoverable resources using the Local Uniform Conditioning on a manganese project (Eramet South Africa)
  • Risk analysis study and optimisation of processing using conditional simulations and scenario reduction on a lateritic nickel mines (Société Le Nickel SLN)
  • Estimation of global Mn resources located in ore deposits characterised by problematic geometries (Comilog SA).

“Geovariances is able to apply the scientific theory to the resolution of practical industrial questions, while supporting the Eramet’s internal skills to master the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve such studies.”

Guillaume Lorilleux, Data Management/Resource Estimation Manager at SLN – Eramet adds: “Working with Geovariances allowed us to significantly improve the resource estimation methodology at the Tiébaghi mine. An estimation protocol was developed in Isatis in order to update the recoverable resource estimates routinely at the mine site using the multivariate conditional simulations.

Furthermore, Geovariances collaboration with Eramet group in the framework of the S2RM research consortium allowed the development of a reduction scenario module in Isatis. This new module enables users to pick up the most representative set of simulated realisations with their probability of occurrence. The impact of these developments is important for the mining project and greatly improves the optimisation of operations.

“Geovariances was able to meet our specific software and Geostatistics training requirements so that we can get acquainted with the studies.

“In the framework of the continuous improvement of our estimation methods, and given the succes of our collaboration, Geovariances will remain our preferred partner.”