Centric to release free geological data management system

Centric Mining Systems has announced the pending release of “the first free, cloud based drill hole and sample management system” early this Spring. “With the goal of empowering explorers to have confidence in their resource related data, Centric Explore delivers a secure, accountable, scalable, and accessible geological data management solution.” The solution is free for small projects with an option to move to a paid monthly subscription as the project grows.

The company says that geologists and executives “can ensure that the highest quality data is efficiently gathered, stored, and reported with reliability and accountability from day one of their project.” The cloud based architecture means no large capital expenditures or IT infrastructure is required while users gain access to vital project data. Centric Explore says it ensures that data is fully auditable and meets SOX and JORC compliance no matter the size of the project. Users gain the freedom to collect their drill hole and sampling data offline in the field, synchronise with the cloud, view key indicators on dashboards or be notified through SMS or email of important results on a mobile device wherever they want in the world.

“Centric Explore represents a fundamental shift in the delivery of data management tools to the exploration and mining sector,” says Chris Novak, CEO of Centric Mining Systems. “Where once only large, well-financed companies could afford to implement such systems, we are proud to offer junior explorers and large organisations a solution that scales from the smallest project to the largest company on a platform that moves the industry into the modern cloud-based era.”