International Mining Project News – diamonds and lithium abound, Nevsun gets the great Timok

In the latest issue of International Mining Project News, the 253rd edition, there are updates on some 20 prefeasibility studies, 12 feasibility studies, 30 projects in development, 10 mines that have gone into production four operations in expansion, over a dozen in acquisitions and mergers and many new appointments to new positions. There is a great deal of lithium news, as with many issues of IMPN at the moment, and quite a bit of news on diamond mines coming into production. There is, as always, a lot of important development progress news at projects around the world. Much more information is available in the issue – contact [email protected] for subscription details.

For instance, as shown in the picture, American Lithium Corp, upon completion of its initial site reconnaissance, has issued notice to proceed to its geological subcontractors to mobilize its fully funded, Phase 2 exploration and development program for both deep and shallow drill and auger programs in the North and South Bowl playas. The playas comprise the company’s contiguous 18,552 acre Fish Lake Valley lithium brine portfolio located in Esmeralda County, Nevada.

  • 13 hole RC drilling in North Bowl Playa to evaluate stratigraphy, conduct brine chemistry analyses and determine preliminary well hydrology parameters such as permeability and transmissivity
  • Brine sampling program in South Bowl Playa to determine accumulated levels of lithium, boron, potassium and magnesium
  • Updating proprietary geophysical gravity model for Fish Lake Valley.