APT’s latest expansion of its Asset Strategy Library to improve reliability of industrial equipment

ASL-R19 sets new standard for Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) in Asset Performance Management (APM) programs in asset-intensive industries. Asset Performance Technologies. (APT) has released the 19th version of its Asset Strategy Library (ASL). Here are the relevant details:

The ASL is the most comprehensive library of how equipment fails (FMEA tables) and how to prevent such failures (PM Templates) for over 700 equipment types commonly found in asset-intensive industries, including:

  • 50,000 Degradation Mechanisms (FMEA rows) (70 per type)
  • 4,400 PM Tasks and Intervals (PM Templates) (6 per type)
  • 50,000 As Found Reportable Conditions (220 per type)
  • (700 types) * (2 experts/type) * (20 years/expert) ~ 28,000+man-years of experience!

The ASL is a database of expert wisdom to expedite RCM analyses of your maintenance strategies, shorten time-to-value of your CMMS and other software implementations, improve profitability of your business by doing the right maintenance at the right times for your plant(s).

Mark S Benak, CEO: “700 equipment types times 8 operating contexts equals 5600 RCM analyses, already done for you by equipment experts – at your fingertips!”

The ASL is the technical basis for APT’s maintenance optimization tools at Preventance.com. It is also available in the Meridium and Bentley APM products.