Joy Global debuts new Montabert drill attachment, the CPA 295

Joy Global introduced its new Montabert rock drill attachment, the CPA 295, at MINExpo. This is a revolutionary excavator-mounted rock drill attachment aimed to match or exceed the production rate of conventional drill rigs. It offers contractors the versatility to drill holes from 63.5 to 101.6 mm in diameter, and up to 22 m deep; helping lower costs while increasing application potential. It offers a diverse application range.

The attachment can be mounted on any excavator weighing more than 25 t, and was designed for easy connection and installation.

“It can be mounted on and off an excavator in about 10 minutes with the use of a quick coupler,” said Gaetan Julien, Montabert Product Drilling Specialist for Joy Global. “You can go from digging, ripping rock or breaking rock, and then be drilling again minutes later.”

The CPA 295’s patented control system was designed to outperform competing products in both power and efficiency. It is equipped with the latest generation Montabert hydraulic drifter, the HC95.

Montabert General Manager Stephane Giroudon said the CPA 295 fills a critical void in today’s market. “Due to growing demand and cost concerns, customers were calling for bigger drill attachments with larger hole diameter and depth options, at greater speeds,” Giroudon said. “The CPA 295’s versatility and high-performance capabilities meet those needs in full.”

Other features of the CPA 295 include: an efficient hydraulic dust control system, rod carrousel and a radio remote control, making it easy to operate the drill attachment from anywhere. It also features an advanced Intelsense controller system, which automatically detects and analyzes various rock layouts to best optimize the drifter striking frequency and energy; improving operating costs, uptime and ease of maintenance.