Saminco Pure Electric propulsion for underground mining vehicles

Saminco has designed a “Pure Electric” propulsion system for underground mining vehicles that will last an entire 8 hour shift before needing a recharge. In an effort to cut costs, improve profit margins, and reduce diesel particulate matter emissions, the mining industry is moving aw
ay from diesel-powered vehicles to electric, but current technology requires recharging batteries every four hours. Saminco believes that it has found the solution.
“Most underground production vehicles are diesel-powered, which produce harmful emissions and generate enormous amounts of heat that require
a significant expenditure on ventilation infrastructure and electrical energy consumption. Electrically-powered vehicles are a solution, and there are many successful applications of trolley-powered and tethered vehicles. However, mining production requires an independently powered vehicle. Existing battery-powered LHDs simply replace the diesel engine with a battery-powered inverter driving a large electric motor coupled to the existing mechanical power transmission train. The electric motor also powers the hydraulic pump. This configuration wastes precious battery energy during idling since the electric motor must operate like a diesel engine at a minimum speed to keep the hydraulic system ready.”
This consumption reduces battery operating time to a maximum of four hours. Saminco, working with a LHD manufacturer, ran a successful operation for 18 months in a hard rock mine with a 1.5 yd LHD powered by a 620V/140kWh SoNick molten salt battery, Saminco Battery Charger and a Saminco model L1000 Pure Electric traction system. This confirmed 8 hour shift endurance with battery energy to spare at the end of each shift.