New BELAZ fleet at Aikhal MPD Jubilee mine in Sakha

The specialists at OJSC BELAZ have recently carried out the assembly and commissioning of new 130 t capacity 7513А mining dump trucks which will operate at the Jubilee mine of Aikhal MPD in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), part of the ALROSA diamond company.
BELAZ-7513А mining dump trucks are equipped with General Electric electro-mechanical transmissions and MTU engines. The dump trucks will be used at the Jubilee mine for carrying overburden to the dump and carrying the ore to the transshipment shed and ore processing plant. The estimated mine reserve is 107.2 Mt of ore containing 97 Mct of diamonds, with an average grade of 0.9 carats per tonne. The total depth of the open pit mine is 720 m, and the operating depth is 320 m..

The BELAZ dump trucks are operating in two shifts of 12 hours each without downtime, except for technical maintenance and running repairs. The mining equipment operates in severe Arctic conditions, and temperatures of down to -60°C.