MICROMINE Geobank 2017 released to market

MICROMINE has announced that Geobank 2017 is now available for download. “Geobank 2017 delivers improved usability, functionality and performance to our users, with a variety of benefits relevant to both exploration and mining operations.”

The company says Geobank 2017 is packed with a number of new and enhanced features which include:

  • New and improved Sample Tracker that brings a new user interface as well as batch loading, lab-QAQC resolution, file format detection, improved interactivity and many more changes.
  • Excel lab files can now be imported by Sample Tracker.
  • Various usability enhancements including adding new rows between existing in data views and alternating colours for rows in configuration manager.
  • Numerous quality improvements with the most significant changes being fixes to graphic report display, issues with exported files, and response speed and performance improvements.
  • Addition of built-in tabs to add and edit metadata for Sample Tracker and general lookups.
  • Licensing enhancements including Crypkey licence transfer and network licence improvement.
  • Graphic report logarithmic scales now have versatile display options and alignment or objects in the designed is significantly more intuitive.
  • Web based help is now available.
  • Support for Micromine 2016 .dat file format.