Ventsim™ 4.8 released

Ventsim™ 4.8 is the latest and most powerful release of the best-selling Ventsim mine ventilation simulation software. The developer Chasm Consulting says it “is a significant upgrade and includes many new features and improvements to help you build better models, create more accurate simulations and save time and money.”

New features of Ventsim™ 4.8 include:

  • Over 50 improvements in features, stability, user interface and performance
  • Revised Fire and Dynamic Engine – faster, more stable and including new features such as fire growth curves, delayed blasting and contaminant release and inclusion of dust in VentFIRE™ scripts
  • “Stages” continue to improve – significant performance fixes and integration into seasonal simulation settings
  • New License Server options – businesses can use their own server for improved speed and automated license checkout
  • Gas and Contaminant Diffusion – this important feature is now available to ensure gases and contaminant are spread by both advection (airflow) and diffusion.
  • New Toolbar options – toolbars can be moved and positioned anywhere around the screen
  • Graphical scaling tool – easier scaling of screen graphics items
  • A wealth of other user, speed and graphics improvements.