Outotec unveils mobile inspection app

Customers can now get immediate feedback from their equipment inspections thanks to a new mobile app being rolled out for Outotec equipment. “The app guides our service technicians through the inspection process, allowing them to capture all relevant technical data and images to support improved decision-making. As soon as the inspection is complete, the technician can email a preliminary report to the customer straight from the app.”

Regular, systematic inspections provide users with a clear understanding of the current condition and maintenance needs of their equipment, including future spare parts requirements. “Our new mobile app for smartphones and tablets makes the inspection process faster and easier, meaning the information is available to you more quickly. The preliminary report is easy to share with colleagues, and it is followed up by a full report after our experts have performed in-depth analysis of the data gathered during the inspection.” The inspection app is currently available for selected technologies, but will be expanded to include all Outotec technologies in the near future.