Alternator Protection Device for intrinsically safe equipment

On Friday, June 9, the NSW Mines Department (Australia) released a safety alert regarding the suitability of flameproof alternators that supply power to intrinsically safe systems fitted to mobile diesel machines intended for use in hazardous zones of underground mines. I.S equipment fitted to mobile diesel machines may be exposed to over-voltage or “load dump” conditions that may exceed the certified safe levels of intrinsically safe equipment.

Nautitech says its “Alternator Protection Device (APD) has been designed to protect I.S equipment from spikes and surges created by “load dumps” of poorly designed, maintained and performing alternators and DCBR cards.

“If you have I.S equipment that may be affected by faulty alternators, consider installing a Nautitech Alternator Protection Device (APD). The Nautitech APD can be fitted to intrinsically safe products from Nautitech or other manufacturers.”

“Nautitech’s desire to make a difference for safety in hazardous areas, is being pursued continuously and applied with a new offering of a suite of I.S modular products that will deliver outstanding advantages to the industry.” The company purchased the I.S products in late Dec 2016, from Connexa.