Geosoft announces new subscription plans for Oasis montaj

Geosoft has announced new subscription plans for its Oasis montaj suite of geoscience software with options that include monthly, annual and multi-year terms. This follows the company’s introduction, earlier this year, of subscription plans for its Target geology software, and marks Geosoft’s commitment to making all of its desktop software available by subscription.

The new Oasis montaj Essentials Subscription provides cost-effective access to a powerful suite of 3D modelling and geoscience data analysis tools for exploring near surface, subsurface and marine environments. Subscribers can add more capabilities with over 15 geoscience extensions for geology and geochemistry; geophysical processing, interpretation and modelling; and specialised toolsets for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection and analysis.

“We recognised the need for greater flexibility when deploying software within a geoscience project or an organisation” said Troy Wilson, Geosoft Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development. “With the new subscription plans and bundling options customers can easily scale software use based on their business requirements – adding more subscribers, or more tools, as their team and project needs change.”

Other key advantages of subscription plans include lower upfront costs and the ability to move software purchases from capital to operational expenses. Geosoft subscribers can manage their software usage, access support and an extensive learning library, as well as value-added services, within My Geosoft.