ALTA 2018 – now accepting abstracts

ALTA 2018, organised by ALTA Metallurgical Services, is the 23rd year of one of the world’s premier annual metallurgical events. This annual event is a gathering of the global nickel, cobalt, copper, uranium-REE-Li and gold-PM industries and features highly focused programs, topical forums and presentations by key international speakers. Held over eight days, it comprises three international conferences in one week:

  • Nickel-cobalt-copper sessions (May 21-23 2018), including hydromet processing of copper, nickel & cobalt sulphides forum & panel
  • Uranium-REE-Li sessions (May 24-25 2018), including lithium processing forum & panel
  • Gold-PM Sessions (May 24-25 2018), including refractory and complex gold ores forum & panel.

There will also be three short courses:

  • A-Z of copper ore leaching (19 May)
  • SX and its application to copper, uranium & nickel-cobalt (20 May)
  • Uranium ore processing (26 May)