Sykes pumps deployed by IPG for major coal mine dewatering task

Integrated Pump Rental reports that one of its surface coal mining customers recently purchased eight Sykes CP 150 self-priming diesel driven pumps from the company. Lee Vine, Managing Director of Integrated Pump Rental, says that most significantly the order was placed following a short term rental solution provided to the mine during the rainy season.

“Dewatering remains a critical activity in opencast mining operations and we were able to assist this customer at short notice over a weekend,” Vine says. Within hours of having received the request for assistance Integrated Pump Rental had supplied and installed eight diesel driven pumps with 2,000 m of lay-flat hose. Integrated Pump Rental focuses on providing fit-for-purpose dewatering solutions to industry and Vine stresses that it is not just about moving pumps into the market.

“The Sykes pumps, which were hired out to the mine, were selected because we knew these units would be able to deal with the volume of water that needed to be transferred, and we were confident that the pumps would offer the reliability required,” Vine says. The Sykes CP 150 self-priming diesel driven pump offers a maximum head of 60 m with a flow rate of 172 litres per second. It is also capable of handling solids with a particle size of up to 77 mm.

“To put this dewatering capacity into perspective, one pump would be capable of draining the London 2012 Olympic swimming pool in just four hours,” Vine says. The eight pumps are trailer mounted for ease of movement, and offer the mine the versatility of being able to move the units to where they are needed on the mine site. The Sykes pumps feature cleverly designed automatic priming capabilities based on a Venturi system that can deliver suction lifts of up to 9 m. The robust construction of the pumps ensure optimum reliability as well as long life, and importantly the pumps are fully automatic priming allowing the units to run dry for extended periods of time without damage.

Integrated Pump Rental was appointed as the official Sykes distributor for Southern Africa just over 15 months ago and the company has already established a strong product reference in Africa.